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Here’s what you’ll need:

Seeds or very young plants for the pizza toppings you want to grow
Multi-purpose compost
Plant food
A spade or trowel
A watering can
Stones or bricks to mark out your pizza wheel

Here’s what to do:

  1. Make a circle on the ground where you want your pizza wheel to go. Use your stones or bricks. Or you could use a big container instead.
  2. Dig up the ground in your circle really well and mix in your compost. Rake it over so it’s level.
  3. Give the soil a good stamp down to get rid of any air bubbles in it, and then rake it over again.
  4. Divide your circle into four or five pizza slices using more of your stones or bricks.
  5. Pick a pizza topping you want to grow in each of your pizza slices. Some good ones are basil, rocket, spinach, rainbow chard, tomatoes or peppers.
  6. Sow the seeds or plant your very young plants in your pizza wheel and water them.
  7. If it’s cold, try sowing the seeds in a pot with some compost. Keep the pot indoors and water it until the plants start to grow. When the plants are about as big as your thumb try planting them out into your pizza wheel.
  8. In a few weeks you should start to see them come up and you can then start putting your plants on your pizzas!


Activity courtesy of National Children’s Gardening Week

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