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Bird & Wildlife Care

Our range of bird care products is brought to us by Tom Chambers; a family business with more than half a century of producing quality workmanship, products and value. You can be confident that their bird food is carefully blended to provide the best of nourishment, and the innovation and design that goes into their handcrafted products makes Tom Chambers a leader in the field of wild bird care.

If you love looking after the small birds in your garden, we’re sure to have everything you need – and we can even deliver it right to your door!

Choosing bird food

If you want to be certain that you’re providing your garden birds with good nutritious food, we recommend that you choose a reputable brand that you can have confidence in.
And importantly, how will you prevent large birds and squirrels making off with the food intended for small garden birds?  Our advice is to choose a robust feeder that the large birds can’t peck through, or even one with a metal cage to prevent the squirrels getting at the food!

Keep the birds safe

It’s important that feeding the small birds in your garden doesn’t endanger them, so here’s some helpful tips to keep the birds safe:
  • Think about where you position the feeder or table – open spaces make it difficult for lurking cats or foxes to hide!
  • Choose a well-made bird table or feeder, so that there are no sharp edges or small spaces that could damage their delicate feet.
  • Clean out food trays and containers regularly to avoid the risk of infection.

A bird table or a bird station?

Some customers prefer the traditional bird table whilst others opt for the more modern bird station pictured here.  Whatever you choose, place them in a quiet spot that’s sheltered from weather.

Once the birds learn that this is a safe and convenient place to find food, they’ll visit your garden regularly!

About nestboxes

In the early part of the year when the birds prepare to nest and have their young, a nesting box provides them with a much needed safe haven.
  • If you know which types of birds might have their young in your garden, choose a nest box with the appropriate size of hole for their species
  • If you’re not certain, choose a multi-nester that’ll suit different birds
  • Position the nest box so the birds have a clear line of flight to it
  • Fix the box to a wall or tree, making sure it’s out of reach of inquisitive humans or predators!


Most gardeners understand the restorative power of nature and know that wildlife plays a key role in ensuring that natural ecological balance.
From Insect Hotels to Hedgehog Houses and Squirrel Treats, we now carry a range of products that will give your garden wildlife a helping hand.


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