Choosing your Christmas Tree

At Merryhatton, we pride ourselves on sourcing premium quality Scottish Christmas trees from sustainable forests. We offer the choice of fresh cut trees or pot-grown trees.


Fresh cut trees have been forest-grown and the growing-room allowed per tree will determine its quality, shape and density.  Clearly, the more trees that can be grown per acre, the cheaper each tree will be, but its inevitable that quality suffers when growing space is reduced.  So if you’ve ever wondered why the price of a 1.8 metre tree can vary, growing space is undoubtedly a factor .
Our Premium trees offer best quality at a fair and reasonable price – we know that families spend a lot of time looking at their tree over Christmas so it needs to look great!

Pot-grown trees follow the same rule of thumb – the more space and attention they’re given, the better the quality of the tree.
Many customers buy a pot grown tree so that they can it keep growing after Christmas.  If that’s your plan, make sure that it has been pot grown and not ‘potted’ or ‘containerised’.
Pot-grown trees have developed the dense root structure that they need to survive and grow in a pot.  However, ‘potted’ or ‘containerised’ trees have been field-grown where the root system has developed to suit growing in a much larger area, and they’re potted shortly before they’re sold. 
Consequently such trees lose a huge percentage of root system and are unlikely to survive.

Which tree is right for you?

Nordmann Fir

This is our #1 best selling tree. With beautiful, dark green, well-clothed, wide sweeping branches, this tree has a wonderfully luxuriant look.
The Nordmann Fir has excellent needle-retaining properties which makes it an ideal choice for today’s centrally-heated homes.

Fraser Fir

If you’re looking for
a slimmer tree, the Fraser is our recommendation.  Narrower than the Nordmann, the Fraser Fir
has dense, well-structured, fragrant foliage.   With strong branches and excellent needle-retaining properties, the Fraser Fir is a joy to decorate.

Norway Spruce

The traditional Norway Spruce was once the UK’s most popular Christmas tree but its tendency to drop its needles has resulted in a decline in popularity.   It is however a perfect choice if used outdoors, on the doorstep or in a cool place such as an unheated conservatory.

Lodgepole Pine

The Pine’s irregular open and upright habit is very different to the conical shape of the Firs and Spruces.  With good needle-retention properties, these fragrant trees offer a very individual aesthetic, and as such we recommend that these are selected by customers in person.

Get the best from your Christmas tree

Fresh Cut Trees

Treat your fresh tree as you would fresh flowers – cut a little off the bottom so that you have an open, cut edge that will take up water, and make sure you provide plenty water whilst you have the tree in your home. The big difference between the tree and flowers – of course – is that the tree will take up surprisingly large quantities of water, so do check very regularly. If the cut base of the tree is allowed to dry out, it will seal and it is almost impossible for the tree to take up water through the seal.
Using a purpose-made Christmas tree stand makes this much easier – to see our stands, please go to our Christmas shop.
A handy tip is to cut the base and place the tree in a bucket of water outdoors or in a cool place for a day or two. This allows the tree to take up water so that it is well hydrated once it comes indoors when it inevitably will be shocked by central heating. However, we know how difficult waiting can be – we can’t resist decorating the tree immediately we get it home either!

Pot Grown Trees

And using the same comparison, treat your pot grown tree like a pot plant, place a saucer underneath the pot and ensure it doesn’t dehydrate. These trees have been grown outdoors and will be ‘shocked’ if placed in a very warm room immediately, so we suggest that you acclimatize your tree gradually to the temperature that you plan to keep it.
Many of the pot-grown trees that we sell tend to be used for patios and front doors, and look fabulous with a few simple lights
– battery-operated time lights are ideal for this.
After Christmas, these trees can be grown on outdoors.
If you plan to use it in a pot again next Christmas, you must keep it in a pot, watering, feeding and potting on as required.
Alternatively, plant it in the garden and decorate it in-situ next year.