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Real Christmas Trees

Scottish grown

Sourced from sustainable Scottish forests, you can be confident that we’ve minimised the transport miles required to bring your fresh Christmas tree to you

Low needle-drop

If you’re looking for a tree with good needle retention, choose the Nordmann or the Fraser Fir.
For more information on the tree that’s best for you, click here

Various sizes

Our fresh trees are available in heights from approximately 90cm (3ft) to over 3m (10ft) – just choose the size that suits you and we’ll deliver it right to your door.

Grow it again

Choose one of our pot-grown trees and you could grow it on and use it again next Christmas. 
Ideal if you love having a tree in the garden and the house!

Christmas tree stands

Caring for your Christmas Tree

With just a little tlc, you can keep your Christmas tree looking fresh  and beautiful throughout the festive season.
As a rule of thumb, treat a cut tree as you would cut flowers – trim the bottom of the stem to help water uptake and place it in a container with plenty water for the tree to take up.  Click here to see our tree stands.
For pot-grown trees, treat it the same as you would any other potted plant – acclimatise it gently and place it in a saucer
so you can provide sufficient water to ensure that it doesn’t dry out.
For futher details about caring for your Christmas tree, click here

How to decorate a tree in 6 steps

Ever wondered how to decorate your Christmas tree like a professional?
The video below shows you some tips and tricks to help you do just that!

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