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Family garden projects

Spending precious family time with children in the garden is great fun and the skills they learn will last a lifetime – as will the memories you create.
We know children have enjoyed the simple projects below – we hope you do too!

Kid’s gardening teaches children about our natural environment, where our food comes from and what’s necessary for that food to grow.  They learn about our natural environment, the importance of looking after our world and keeping nature in balance – all so important in our increasingly polluted world.
Kid’s gardening has important health benefits too – they can enjoy the fresh air, exercise and (mostly!) they’re keen to enjoy the fruit and veg that they have grown.

Of course, growing your own produce is also a very effective way to provide fresh, chemical-free food for the family – in fact, we really can’t see a down-side to family gardening!!

Which project will you start with?

Mighty Microgreens

Literally ‘little greens’, microgreens can be grown all year round on the kitchen windowsill providing you with tasty garnish for soups, salads and other meals.

An excellent project for children as Microgreens can be cut and eaten within days of sowing.

Super Salad

Salad grown by children has an extra-special flavour and that’s why it’s called super salad!
It can be grown indoors or outdoors depending on the season and only takes a few weeks from sowing or planting to eating.

Try growing your own Super Salad now!

Cheeky cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are the sweetest and easiest tomatoes to grow – perfect for children to start with.
They require protection from frost and sufficient sunlight to ripen, so choose a sunny, sheltered spot.

Grow in pots, hanging baskets, growbags or into the ground.

Pumpkin champs

Pumpkins are easy to grow, but may be better suited to older children who will understand the time involved in growing the pumpkin to its potential size.

As well as growing their own lantern for Halloween, there’s lots of pumpkin recipies and children can enjoy soup, pie and other pumpkin meals.

Pizza Wheel

This great fun pizzawheel project comes to us courtesy of the National Children’s Gardening Week  (NGGW). 
For more information about  NGGW

Bean wigwam

Grow your own wigwam and eat it as it grows!
Another great idea from National Children’s Gardening Week (NGGW).

The recycled garden

Create your own garden sculpture and plant it up – your friends will be amazed!
Another great NGGW idea 

The pallet garden

If there’s not a lot of room in your garden, why not create a garden in an old pallet? (We’ve lots at Merryhatton – just ask!)
Instructions courtesy of 

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