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Easy, fast-growing and rewarding

An inexpensive way to add wonderful flavours to your sandwiches, salads and meals since every pack contains several hundred seeds and will last for ages.

How to grow Microgreens

You can grow the microgreens in any shallow tray.  Simply place a layer of absorbent paper – such as a paper towel – in the base of the tray, and make sure it is well-soaked.  Sprinkle your seeds onto the paper and keep it nice and moist (but not swimming in water!!).

Alternatively, you can start with the Microgreen Growing Kit which includes everything you need to begin growing microgreens including a selection of microgreen seeds and a specially designed tray.

Whichever growing tray you choose, it can be kept on the kitchen windowsill where you can easily care for it.  You need to keep them moist, and it may be preferable to mist the seeds rather than directly water them as that could disturb the seeds.  Depending on the conditions in your home,  you may need to mist them more than once a day to keep them moist.

Microgreens can be grown throughout the year, and will be ready to eat between 10 and 21 days from sowing depending on which variety you choose. So its a good idea to sow seeds every few days to ensure you have a continuous supply.


Which varieties can I grow?

The following Microgreen varieties available – click on the variety below to find further information:

Gourmet Garnish (a mix of Mustard, Cress, Rocket & Coriander)

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