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Grow a Christmas Gift

Do you always struggle to think of a present for your Gran, Aunty or favourite teacher?
– You know how much they love the things you make, so why not go a step further and grow your Christmas gifts this year?  It’s simple and fun to grow a beautiful and naturally scented present!

Normally, spring-flowering bulbs will be planted outdoors to flower from late January onwards, but if you want your bulbs to be ready for Christmas, you’ll need to grow them indoors.  And here’s how:

We recommend that you wear gloves as bulbs can cause irritation of the skin.

Choose your bulbs – for gifts, Hyacinths (above) or Narcissi Paperwhites (see right) are excellent choices if you want scented varieties that will flower early, but almost any bulb can be grown indoors.
If you’d like more information about bulbs please press here

Next, find or make a container—the more imaginative the better – you could even decorate it too!

Cover the bottom of the container with bulb compost so that the roots have some room to grow into it.  We recommend that you choose a good quality compost as that’ll give you the best results.
Place the bulbs onto the layer of compost – as you see being done with the crocus in the picture on the right.  Fill between the bulbs with more bulb compost until the pointed tips are left showing just above the surface.  Dampen the compost and place your container in a cool dark place.
Keep the compost damp—NOT WET— until the shoots are 4-5cm high.

The next stage is to bring them into the daylight and a warmer room to get them to flower.  Don’t shock the bulbs, – just raise the temperature of their surroundings gradually to get strong, even growth.

Remember that as the bulbs grow and are in warmer surroundings they will require an increasing amount of water, but don’t let them get water-logged!

And if that’s all a bit complicated, why not choose one of our kits, all ready just for you!

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