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Traditionally we plant our potatoes in the spring and harvest them through summer and autumn, but recently seedsmen have produced temperature-controlled potato tubers that can be planted in summer for a fresh crop in time for Christmas.  Tubers are normally available from July onwards, so if you’re stuck for simple project to do during the summer holidays, why not get planting?


Where to plant them?
When growing potatoes in the second half of the year you need to be careful that they don’t get frosted.  So we suggest that you start them off outdoors in a deep pot, a potato bag (or any strong bag with drainage) and move them into your greenhouse, conservatory or a bright porch once there’s a threat of frost.

How to look after them
Each tuber needs about 30cm of space.  Put at least 15cm of compost into the bottom of your container, and cover with another 15cm.  Water and feed to encourage growth and as the foliage develops, keep topping up the compost until you get towards the top of the container.  Once you get into late autumn, the foliage will die back and it can be removed, and the potatoes can be lifted or kept in the container providing it’s reasonably dry and frost-free until your Christmas dinner!


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