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Plants by Room

New to houseplants?  Stuck for ideas?  In this section we’ve looked at the plants that are best suited to the different rooms in the home and the factors you should take into account when making your choice.


When choosing plants for the bathroom, the main considerations relate to the levels an consistency of light, humidity and temperature.
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In addition to the peacefulness that greenery brings to a bedroom, the oxygen they add to the indoor atmosphere has been shown to be help with sleep. 


For many, growing herbs and microgreens are the obvious kitchen choice. But importantly, remember that houseplants help remove the odours and toxins released from cleaning chemicals.


Houseplants in the lounge are primarily selected for their aesthetic, calming benefits.  But the lounge is often the warmest and least humid room in the home, so take that into consideration when choosing!

Home Office

Ideally the home office would be a separate room, but not all of us have that luxury.  Indoor plants can be used as effective rooms dividers, creating a separate working area and reducing noise from other parts of the home.


Being a central thorougfare in the home, the main considerations when choosing houseplants for this area are light levels and potential draughts and variations in temperature arising from opening doors.

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