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Indoor Plants & Pots

With possibly one of the best selections of flowering and foliage houseplants and pots in the area,
it’s certainly worth a visit!
If you can’t visit or want to send a gift, home delivery is available.

Indoor Plants

Whether you’re looking for a pretty flower,  a structural statement, an unusual specimen, a plant that’s easy to care for or just a large foliage plant to create a natural screen we’re sure to have the right plant for you!

Indoor Pots

Indoor pots not only complete the look, they also retain the water whilst avoiding water-stains on the furniture.  Choose from our great selection of plain and decorative styles in a wide range of colours.

Indoor plant Accessories

In addition to the plant food, stakes, moss poles, spritzers and watering cans that you’d expect to find, we also carry a range of attractive terrarium containers, miniature plants, pebbles and other accessories.

Cactus & Succulents

Cacti and succulents have the common distinguishing characteristic that they can store water in their leaves and stems.  This makes them particularly suited to their native conditions, and an excellent choice for the home where regular care might be difficult.  (Ideal for those who claim they can’t keep plants!!)


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