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Indoor pots

Choose from our wide range of indoor pots to compliment your plant and your decor.


The Terni Plant Pot features a rounded shape and embossed finish. Making a house a home is simple with accents like the Terni, a waterproof planter providing the perfect home for both real and artificial plants. Highlight its unique beauty by positioning it on a windowsill in front of natural light, or style it centrally within a mantelpiece to accentuate any living space.


Unique and beautiful, our flared orchid planter is crafted from recycled glass for eco-friendly accent styling. Waterproof with a premium glaze, this unique planter will make the perfect gift for a loved one (or yourself). Simply pot the design with an elegant orchid or peace lily, and watch as your whole interior space gently comes to life.


Create a contemporary interior display by adding our copper hanging planter to the mix. Designed with a tonal leather strap and premium finish, this waterproof planter from our Tribal range wonderfully catches both the light and eye, lending an industrial-style finish to décor. For best effects, team with on-trend, trailing hanging plants.


House guests will experience some serious pot envy when they spy this Vasto plant on your shelf or sun-lit sill. Curved with a smooth finish and premium glaze, this waterproof planter is a real eye-catcher and focal point, highlighting your jade or spider plant oh-so-elegantly. Why not collect a few for a perfect planter exhibit?


Our Como pot takes the fuss out of at-home accenting, slotting into and complementing every interior style, from modern through to traditional. With its round shape and premium glaze, this waterproof planter perfectly envelops and energises your favourite houseplants, whether it be a snake plant, spider plant or peace lily. Happy planting.


If only everything slotted into any interior scheme as easily as the Lisbon planter. Featuring a minimal design, curved shape and smooth finish, this round waterproof planter complements a range of décor, from modern to traditional. We’re mixing and matching ours with other planters in the Lisbon range until we’re fully planter-ed out (as if that was possible).


If you’re looking for something versatile yet unique, our Leon planter is the answer. Available in White, Cement and Granite, this waterproof planter with a premium glaze is the perfect option if you’d like your tall houseplant to take centre-stage. Simply plant your lush green jade or Chinese money plant and Leon will take care of the rest.


Whether on the floor or atop a table, our simplistic Pisa planter never fails to captivate. Classic in design with a premium glaze and three standing feet, this waterproof planter is suited for both the home and garden, making it perfect for showcasing a wide range of plants and blooms. We’re styling ours with other bowls and planters from the range for a curated mid-century accent look.


Modern, simplistic, refined. Our smooth Eno planter is the perfect adaptable accent, slotting into any interior scheme with minimal fuss and maximum impact. Round with a contrasting base, this waterproof planter is ideal for displaying your beloved Chinese evergreens or low-maintenance snake plant. Simply style it on your sill and watch as your décor instantly comes to life.

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