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Welcome to Merryhatton Indoor Plants

Offering possibly the widest selection of premium-quality houseplants in East Lothian and Edinburgh, we’re sure to have the ideal plant for you.
Delivered direct to your door throughout the area, we use only our own transport to ensure the plant reaches you in perfect condition.

Choose by Plant

If you know the plant you’re looking for, start your shopping here.
With possibly the best selection in the local area, we can directly to your door if you live
in East Lothian and Edinburgh. 

Choose by Pot

Indoor pots not only complete the look, but having a waterproof interior, there’s no leaking onto the furniture or upholstery.
Wide range of shapes, colours and sizes in stock for fast delivery.

Choose by Room

If you’re wondering what plant will best suit a room, we’ve created this section especially for you!
Click below to find the plant that’ll best suit the room you have in mind.

Plants by Room

Like us, different plants enjoy different conditions.  So we’ve put together a quick and easy guide to the plants that’ll work in the different rooms of the home depending on the levels of light, temperature and humidity available and importantly, what you’d like the plant to do for you in each room.

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Pure Air Collection

All plants remove pollutants from the atmosphere. 
More recently, scientists are understanding the health benefits of good air quality and the  important role of houseplants in achieving that.
Our Pure Air Collection
comprises plants that are particularly good at improving indoor air quality.

Most popular

If you’re new to indoor plants, or would
like to give a gift of a houseplant to someone, you might like to know which ones are favourites with our customers.
In this section we’ve listed our top best-selling houseplants – and because they’re so
popular, you can be sure that we
always have them in stock!

Unkillable (almost)

Convinced that you can’t keep plants?  Know someone who claims to “kill plants every time”?  Well, hopefully we can persuade you to think again.
In this section we’ve listed some of our toughest, most robust houseplants that are (almost) unkillable and hopefully will give you confidence that you actually CAN grow plants!

Succulents & Cacti

Some of the easiest plants you’ll ever grow, the fascination with Cactus and succulents is endless.  With highly developed systems that can survive the harshest of conditions, they are ideal starter plants.  Mostly in small pots, it’s best to think about a small collection to get started as shown in this background image.

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