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The beginning of this month is the ideal time to get your displays ready for summer. If you are planting up containers which have previously had plants in them, now is a good time to either completely empty them, if they are small, or remove the top third to a half of the growing medium from large containers, and replace it. You really will notice better growth and blooms on your plants with fresh compost, particularly if you use one that has feed already added to it.

There is a huge choice of summer bedding available and the growers are always bringing out something new! But the old favourites are still popular too. Whatever you choose, do make sure that your new plants are well watered and check them regularly, because even if it isn’t very sunny, wind can be very drying too.

This month’s planting recipes

This month we’ve gone for themes which will flower all summer long. Our gold and blue planter is a bright and sunny, free-form arrangement, while our pink and white pot has a softer, more structured and feminine look.

Recipe one: gold and blueJune 2015 planting recipe 1 blue & gold

You’ll need:

  • One double yellow argyranthemum (marguerite daisy)
  • One creamy yellow trailing double petunia
  • One variegated helichrysum
  • One bidens ‘Gold Fever’

We picked a rounded deep blue pot which contrasts beautifully with the golden tones of the flowers. The marguerite daisy will start as quite a small plant but give it plenty of room as they can put on a lot of growth over the summer. The other plants are all trailing and will tumble happily over the top of the planter and down the sides. We chose a helichrysum with gold-toned foliage which will look after itself – although you may want to trim it if it becomes over enthusiastic! Bidens is another trouble-free choice. ‘Gold Fever’ has a looser growth habit than some and neat little yellow daisy flowers.

Recipe two: pink and white tonesJune 2015 planting recipe 2 pink & white

You’ll need:

  • One diascia ‘Antique Rose’
  • One upright fuchsia with white and deep pink flowers
  • One white calibrachoa

Diascias are one of our favourite bedding plants as they flower from June until the first frosts. If you cut back spent flowering stems then you will get more blooms. The fuchsia gives height to this arrangement, as although diascias are classed as upright they are quite lax in their habit! Calibrachoa is also known as ‘million bells’ and are neat wee trailing plants with flowers like petunias, to which they are closely related. This recipe could easily be expanded with two of everything if you fancied trying it in a large pot.

We’re always happy to help if you need any plant advice or ideas. Remember too that we offer a free personal shopper service where we can help you choose the right plants for your type of garden. Just pop in to Merryhatton or give us a ring on 01620 880278 to arrange a time.


Ann Rosie and Julie - merryhatton team

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