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This is the month when everything really gets going in our gardens. After being a little careful with summer bedding in April and May most things can now safely be put outside (although do keep an eye on the weather forecast and watch out for cold nights, especially away from the coast). Horticultural fleece is quick and easy to pop over anything tender if a drop in temperature is threatened.

Of course weeds too like the improving weather and it’s important to get on top of them before they get too well established. A quick hoe around beds will deal with annual weeds and any perennials like dandelions are easy to dig out, with roots complete, before they get too big. As with weeds, so with pests. Watch out for early signs of infestations and deal with them before they get their feet under the table!

This month’s planting recipes

This month we’ve gone for a simple hanging basket, perfect if you’ve never planted up a basket before, and a pink and white themed pot that mixes tall, small and trailing plants.

Recipe one: a simple hanging basketSimple hanging basket

You’ll need:

  • One variegated pelargonium (geranium)
  • One lysimachia
  • Two trailing petunias

For this recipe we started with the most simple wicker hanging basket and filled it with four ‘tub and basket’ plants which will grow and fill the basket completely over the summer. We added a small amount of slow release fertiliser granules to the compost mix which will provide enough nutrients for the plants.

We’ve gone for a yellow and coral theme with a touch of red – very summery! The pelargonium – which most people still know as a geranium – was popped in the centre as it is an upright plant, with the three trailers equally spaced around the edge. Choosing plants with coloured foliage gives an added bonus as the lysimachia’s yellow leaves give you instant colour whilst the pelargoniums leaves are as colourful as many flowers.

Recipe two: in the pinkIn the pink

A simple but classy arrangement with a pink and white theme.

You’ll need:

  • Scabious ‘Pink Mist’
  • One white pelargonium
  • One pink trailing petunia
  • One deep pink nemesia
  • One white bacopa

We picked a very simple off-white pot to set off the pink tones of the flowers, but a plain terracotta would also be attractive. The scabious gives a bit of height to the planting, will flower for weeks, and is very attractive to pollinating insects. We placed it to the back of the pot with the pelargonium to one side, assuming that this pot will be placed against a wall. You may prefer to put the taller plants in the centre if your pot is to be viewed from all sides. The trailers are placed near the edge so that they can fall down the sides. Bacopa is a great wee plant and one of our most popular trailers. It comes in pink and blue shades as well as the white we have used here. You can choose from the surfinia type of petunia or the newer ‘mini-petunia’ type. These have a profusion of smaller flowers and like their bigger cousins also come in a huge range of colours.

Remember if you need a hand or more ideas, just pop in. We’re always happy to help.

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