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Although it still feels quite wintery most days, there are plenty of the first signs of spring to be found. Snowdrops have been showing themselves for a few weeks now and early crocus and winter aconites are pushing through too. East Lothian really is a great area for spring bulb displays.

If you want to start seed sowing, peas, beans and sweet peas can all be started off now under glass. Sorting out last year’s seed packets is a good job to do. Any within date will still be fine for sowing, and why not have fun choosing something new from the full selection in the garden centre now. The best part of this time of year is planning for the coming seasons!

This month’s planting recipes
Feb planter collage 277x187

Follow our simple planting recipes to create a colourful pot from a selection of plants readily available this month. And with Mother’s Day coming up on 15 March, you could also make one for your mum – guaranteed brownie points for effort!

Recipe one: for a small pot with a green and gold theme

We chose a small light green pot for this planting scheme as it goes well with the green and yellow tones of the plants, but you can use whatever small pot you have to hand.

Feb recipe 1 collage







You’ll need:

  • A golden cypress – this conifer has a nice bright colour and an attractive lemony scent
  • A yellow primula – what could be more cheerful than a sunny yellow primula?
  • Two pots of narcissus “February gold” – a miniature daffodil which will happily transfer into the garden once the flowers are finished. Despite its name it often flowers in March!

Arrange the conifer to the back of the pot with the daffodils to either side and the primula to the front. Once the daffodil flowers are spent then the bulbs can be lifted out and replaced with some yellow violas for extra longevity.

Recipe two: a pink/purple scheme in a larger pot

The height in this pot comes from the camellia, a beautiful evergreen flowering shrub which will be quite happy in a larger pot for a few years. It does need ericaceous compost, and although this is less important for winter flowering heathers than their summer flowering cousins they too will be happy in it.

Feb recipe 2 collage







You’ll need:

  • One pink camellia
  • One large heather, or two smaller ones – winter flowering ericas
  • One little purple-leaved heuchera
  • One or two variegated ivy

Position the camellia towards the back with the heather to one side and the heuchera to the other. The ivy can be poked in at the side of the pot to trail down the edge. We picked one that had some pinkish tones in its stem and leaves to coordinate with our colour scheme. This would work equally well with white flowered camellia and heathers, and maybe a white primrose in place of the heuchera.
Remember if you need a hand or more ideas, just pop in. We’re always happy to help.


Ann Rosie and Julie - merryhatton team

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