To celebrate National Gardening Week 2014, Merryhatton is encouraging people across East Lothian to “start with a pot!”

Throughout National gardening week, 14-20 April, Merryhatton will have ideas and advice on offer to help people take their first steps towards gardening.

Outdoor Manager, Scott Coull says:

There’s a nationwide campaign called “It starts with a pot” under way at the moment to help non-gardeners to enjoy the many benefits of gardening. We thought this would be a great theme for National Gardening Week. If you haven’t done much or any gardening before it can feel a bit daunting. Or you may think that if you haven’t got much of a garden, there’s nothing you can do.

“Whatever size of outdoor space you’ve got, everyone can have a go at planting a pot! You can use any kind of container you like and we’ll have lots of examples of different types of containers on display to give you some inspiration. And during the weekend of 19 and 20 April, our plant team will be available to show you how to plant your pots. You can bring one in and we’ll talk you through how to do it, or watch us plant one of our own.”

Find out more on the National Gardening Week website