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After our mini Indian Summer at the end of September, there’s no doubting now that autumn has definitely arrived.

It’s a beautiful time of the year in East Lothian as the trees change colour. It’s also time to get your garden jobs finished off for one year and prepare for the next.

If you haven’t done your pots and hanging baskets yet, this is the time to be ruthless and pull out your summer bedding, even if it still looks good. You need to plant your autumn/winter bedding now to give it a chance to get roots down while there’s still some warmth in the soil. Pansies in particular are more likely to flower through winter if they get established in the autumn.

One of the garden’s most precious commodities but, easy to forget about, is your soil. This is the best time of the year to give it some attention and a bit of a boost by digging in compost, manure and organic matter like bark. This will replenish the nutrients and goodness and your spring plants will definitely thank you for it!

And if you’ve got a greenhouse, make sure there are no garden nasties about to hibernate for the winter by giving it a thorough clean out. Scrub it out with disinfectant and hose it down, getting into all the dark and dusty corners. If you want to be extra certain, fumigate by lighting a sulphur candle in the middle of the floor and leaving it for several hours. This will leave you with a guaranteed pest-free environment!

This month’s planting recipes

Recipe one: Autumn orangesOctober 2015 orange planter
We’ve gone for a lovely orange theme for this planter to reflect the warm autumn colours.

You’ll need:

  • One Solanum (the winter cherry)
  • One golden Japanese Rush Grass
  • Two Pansy solar flare

Fill your container with multi purpose compost. Plant the solanum to the back left, the Japanese grass to the back right, and the pansies in the front. Top with autumnal gold flint to finish it off.


Recipe two: Heather huesOctober 2015 heathery hues 200x200
This striking pot features a pink sprayed heather to bring something a bit different to your autumnal garden.

You’ll need:

  • One pink sprayed Caluna
  • One Hedera Helix Gold
  • Two Viola Desert Fire

We’ve chosen a neutral coloured ceramic pot for this arrangement to let the colours of the plants shine through. Again, fill your pot with multi purpose compost. Plant the Caluna to the rear of the pot. Then position the Hedera to the front and pop the two violas in to the gaps at the sides. Add some landscape bark to the top if you like, for both a decorative finish and to tuck the plants in for winter.

As ever, we’re always here to help if you need any plant advice or ideas. Just pop in.

Ann, Julie & Scott
The Merryhatton Plant Team

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