Artificial Christmas trees

When buying an artificial Christmas tree, consider the material it’s made from and the number of tips. Generally speaking, the material is a matter of personal taste, whilst the number of tips indicates the fullness of the tree.

Of increasing popularity is the realistic artificial Christmas tree and we believe that the one pictured below has to be one of the best fake Christmas trees available.
Although the most popular size is the 7ft Christmas tree, we can offer large artificial Christmas trees up to 10ft (3m) or small Christmas trees from approximately 4ft (1.2m).

We also stock artificial prelit Christmas trees, the most common type being the fibre-optic tree which can offer a wide range of colours and patterns. Because of the variety of effects available, these are best seen in-store.

For convenience, we also offer a range of battery-operated trees, removing the need for a mains connection.

And once you’ve chosen the tree that best suits you, we can deliver it directly to your door!

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