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Christmas Lights

Our selection of lights is extensive and although many people buy them at Christmas-time when there’s a huge selection on offer, the reality is that they will enjoy their lights throughout the year.

Starting as low as £3.99, our strings of battery Christmas lights come in a variety of sizes from 20 LED lights up to 480 LED lights.  Many battery-operated lights come with a built-in timer which turns the lights on for 6 hours and off for the following 18 hours.  LED lights are already energy efficient and the timer system means that a set of batteries can last at least a month (however, in practice we find they often last much longer). Battery-operated Christmas lights are an easy solution where there isn’t a handy mains point to connect your outdoor Christmas lights.

The selection of mains-operated lights is enormous, with LED technology ensuring a wonderful display with efficient energy use.  The best-selling colours are White – a cool, icy white light, Warm White – a warm, gentler shade of white and Multi-coloured to give you a selection of different colours.

Almost all the Christmas lights we sell are suitable both for indoors and outdoor and can be set to different functions – including static if you don’t like the twinkle effect.
Popular outside Christmas lights include icicle lights that create the effect of icicles falling from the roof, snow shower or meteor lights which look amazing amongst trees, and net lights which are a simple way to decorate shrubs and bushes.
Amongst the more popular indoors include cluster Christmas lights which create a wonderful garland effect and can be used on Christmas trees, as a garland, incorporated into Christmas wreaths, as a table decoration or even to decorate the banister.

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