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Nut Feeder Flick ‘n’ Click


Flick open action for easy re-filling and quick click to re-close
Removable base for easy cleaning


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Nuts are a rich source of nutrition for birds – but they’re also highly desirable to larger predators!  Use a nut feeder to keep the nuts safe for the small wild garden birds

Ensure that your feeder is good quality and well built, with no sharp edges or places where the birds can get caught.

Nut feeder flick n click

  • Designed to prevent large birds and other predators reaching the peanuts
  • Ideal for small wild garden birds to feed from
  • Easy to use with a flick top which opens fully to enable easy filling
  • Simple click action for closing
  • Base can be removed for easy cleaning
  • Strong mesh tube
  • Can be hung from your bird table, bird station or your garden trees

Another quality British product from Tom Chambers

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