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For best results, start with the right compost

With such a wide range of composts on the market, it can be confusing choosing the correct media to ensure you get the best results in your East Lothian garden.

Seeds, seedlings & cuttings

Seed & cutting composts are finely graded to offer good surface contact between the plant and the growing media.  They are also designed to include the optimum blend of nutrients for germination and the propagation of very young plants.

Growing in containers & baskets

Plants in pots or hanging baskets clearly have a limited amount of compost from which to draw food and water.  So for best results choose a compost with good water-retaining properties and the right mix of long-lasting nutrients.

Bespoke composts

Some types of plant need a specially designed compost.
The most important bespoke composts to consider are:
Acid-loving plants – These plants do not flourish except at low pH.  Compost  for acid-loving plants is known as Ericaceous compost.
Potatoes & veg – veg and flowers need different nutrient mixes, so for best results when growing food choose a bespoke compost.

Multi-purpose composts

For the majority of plants, the multi-purpose is an excellent all-round choice.  It is particularly good for incorporating in the soil when planting into borders, providing additional nutrition and improving the quality of the soil.
We offer a range of multi-purpose composts
including a Peat-free option.

Soil improvers & mulches

Farmyard manure is undoubtedly one of the best soil improvers, adding structure and slow-release of nutrition to poor soil.
Sterilised topsoil helps where soil is particularly poor, or filling bare patches on the lawn.
Forest bark is an excellent, natural way to suppress weeds and help retain moisture in your soil.  

As a garden centre, we believe very strongly in our responsibility for the environment and we only offer compost from producers who are commited to observing peat-reduction legislation. We also stock peat-free composts to offer the consumer a choice.
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