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Pre-made Hanging Baskets

Summer Hanging Baskets

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Rustic-style hanging baskets filled with colourful summer flowering plants.
Each basket is different and will include a selection from Surfinia, Calabrachoa, Diascia, Bacopa, Fuschia, Verbena, Marguerites and Lobelia


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Create your own hanging flower baskets

Choose your Basket

Choose from a range of hanging baskets to suit your garden – traditional, coned or spherical to create some stunning summer colour

Choose your plants


Basket plants are selected for their vigour and ability to provide impact all summer long.  Generally grown from cuttings to ensure consistent results, these plants will fill your basket very quickly! 

Choose your soil

With fast-growing plants competing for food and moisture in a limited space , specialist tub and basket compost offers the best solution for optimum results.

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