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One of our all-time favourites, lupins are perfect for the middle to the back of borders and flower between May and July.  Available in a wide range of colours and easy to grow.  Dead head after flowering and you may get a second flush.


Sometimes known as Montbretia.  Distinctive sword-shaped foliage, hardy and easy to grow with long-lasting flower spikes in summer reaching up to 1.2m depending on variety.  Flowers yellow/ orange/ red.


A diverse group of plants with a wide range of colours and habits.  Flowering in late summer to autumn, Penstemmons are reliable and easy to grow.  An excellent addition for late summer colour.


Sometimes known as the Pincushion flower, Scabious can be annual, biennial or perennial.  Flowers through summer and early autumn.  Colours vary from pale blue to pink and are suitable for middle to front of the border.


Hollyhocks are tall, biennial plants reaching up to 2m and they sit well at the back of the border.  Good range of colour and available in single and double flowers.  Easy to grow, but require support and will only last for a couple of years.


Probably one of our best-selling plants, Lavenders look great when flowering in summer and the dried flower spikes can also provide interest in the winter garden.  English varieties are hardier than the French ‘Stoechas’ types.


Papaver orientalis – the oriental Poppy – may be annual, biennial or perennial.  Wide range of colours and heights including dwarf and alpine varieties.  Flowers through Spring and Summer depending on variety.


A group of generally mat-forming, mossy-type plants, low-growing and best at the front of the border.  Many varieties flower early in the season offering colour in spring.  Often used in rockeries.


A group of plants varying in height between 40cm and 2m that flower in summer.  Flowers are generally in feathery spikes and in white/ pink/ red colours.  Good, robust and a reliable addition to any cottage garden,


Forms clumps of elegant, spikey foliage from which tall stems bear beautiful thistle-like flowers through summer.  Flowers can reach almost 2m. Remove the seed heads when they appear to encourage more flowers.


Sometimes known as Jacobs Ladder.  Flowers in early summer from clumps of fresh green leaves.  Mostly blue-flowering and ranging in height approximately between 30cm and 60cm.  Has a tendency to self-seed.


Compact plant growing up to 60cm.  Wonderful show of aster-like flowers in a range of colours in the yellow-bronze spectrum.  Flowering from summer through to autumn.  Dwarf varieties are ideal for the front of the border.

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